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All journeys on the Wadi Rum Trail are managed by Bedouin operators in Wadi Rum Village, who must be contacted directly to book a hike. 18 Bedouin families from five different tribes live together in Wadi Rum Village today, with most belonging to the Zalabia clan of the Anaza tribe. Other Bedouin families belong to tribes known as the Bani Atiya, Billi, Howaytat and Tarabin. Families of these tribes live as neighbours in Wadi Rum Village and have worked alongside eachother for decades to build Wadi Rum's tourism up into the successful industry it is today. The Wadi Rum Trail does not belong to any one individual, family or tribe; it is a project that exists for the Bedouin community of Wadi Rum Village as a whole and the right to work upon it is held equally by all. The 18 Bedouin families of Wadi Rum Village are displayed in a chart below, along with a list of local Bedouin operators. Operators not listed below may not have the backing of the local community to work in the region, so always exercise caution. All of the operators below can organise guides, camels and 4x4s but, as with anywhere in the world, standards can vary widely and a place on this list is not an assurance of quality. Some operators have been established longer than others and the primary focus of some is on tourism of a different kind to that encouraged on the Wadi Rum Trail. Hikers must do their own independent research, checking the websites of each operator, asking plenty of questions, getting a feel for the kind of tourism they know best and perhaps looking for recommendations from previous hikers, weighing everything up to decide which represents the best, most competent organiser for any journey. The Wadi Rum Trail can not advise on which operator hikers should choose.  


The Bedouin families of Wadi Rum Village operate all journeys on the Wadi Rum Trail & hikes should be organised through them. Wadi Rum has a diverse Bedouin makeup, with 18 family groups representing five different tribes, all shown in this chart. The Zalabia clan of the Anaza tribe are Wadi Rum's biggest Bedouin group comprising 11 families: in alphabetic order, El Aiyidiyeen, El Awadiyeen, El Awdaat, El Ayiliyeen, El Hamdiyeen, El Mubarkiyeen, El Muhamdiyeen, El Rubayeen, El Salmaniyeen, El Samran & El Zidaniyeen. The Bilawna family belong to the Billi tribe with the Juyaan family from a tribe called the Bani Atiya. El Madka, El Munaya, El Rubayi & El Sawalhiyeen are all families of the Howaytat, a widely spread tribe who hold large swathes of territory in Jordan, Egypt & Saudi Arabia. Families of a tribe called the Tarabin also live in Wadi Rum Village. 

What are the costs?

Bedouin Families & Tribes, Wadi Rum

Costs will vary according to the type of support chosen and the Bedouin operator used. As a community tourism project the Wadi Rum Trail advocates fair prices for Bedouin operators and hikers alike but it does not set prices and can give only general guidelines on what to expect. An experienced, English-speaking Bedouin hiking guide will cost around 100JD/ day, divided by the number of people in a group; a Bedouin rock climbing guide for Jebel Rum and perhaps Jebel Birda 150-200JD/ day. 4x4 support costs around 80JD/ day and camels the same, but more than one camel will be required as a group gets larger; one or two hikers will usually require a single camel, three or four hikers will require two; five or six hikers, three, and so on. Alongside guides, camels and 4x4s Bedouin operators will usually provide food, water and everything else required on a wilderness trip including communal gas stoves and cooking equipment. Fixing a journey like this with everything included in the price is the simplest option and usually the cheapest. For a group of 1 or 2 people using camel support including everything on an expedition from start to finish - guides, food and water - expect to pay 250JD/ day; 3 or 4 people, 350JD/ day; 5 or 6 people, 450JD/ day; 7 or 8 people, 550JD/ day; 9 or 10 people, 650JD/ day; 11 or 12 people, 750JD/ day. When costs are divided in a group of 4 people, the cost per hiker would be 88JD/ day; in a group of 8, around 68JD. These costs would not include climbing guides, whose costs would be additional for the particular days their guidance was required. 


Make it clear when enquiring that you want to walk the Wadi Rum Trail & ensure its official route will be followed day by day, using the official Wadi Rum Trail Route Companion PDF to outline places if necessary. Bedouin guides with scrambling experience & well-honed rope safety skills are important on the Wadi Rum Trail, especially for sections on Em Ejil or the Raqaba Canyon, along with Um Ghatheeya, Jebel Birda & Jebel Um Adami. Experienced Bedouin climbing guides must be used for the rock climbing & abseiling section on Jebel Rum and also on Jebel Birda, if hikers decide to leave the main trail & ascend to the summit on an alternative climbing route. Make it clear the exact days these climbing guides will be required on the trip so they are ready on arrival & check if any climbing equipment is available for rental on arrival. Operators below are not listed in order of quality, but alphabetically, so it is important hikers overview & carefully consider the whole list. 

ARABIAN NIGHTS RUM - Owned by Shaker Mohammed of the Zidaniyeen family, this operator fixes all kinds of trips around Wadi Rum, including original & unique journeys such as petroglyph tours. Tel/ WhatsApp +962 776 854 808/

AWDA KRAYYIM - The son of Sheikh Krayyim & a leader of the Zalabia, Awda is a member of the Awadiyeen family & a respected figure in Wadi Rum's Bedouin community, experienced in hiking & climbing trips. Tel/ WhatsApp +962 7 7227 3286 

BEDOUIN ROADS - Owned by Attayak Ali, a well-established operator of the Salmaniyeen family, organising hiking trips of different length & offering different kinds of support to climbers. Tel/ Whatsapp +962795899723 / 

DESERT EYES - Khaled Salem of the Salmaniyeen family owns this active, popular tour outfitter, which has built an excellent, trusted name, fixing trips of every length & kind across the deserts of Wadi Rum. Tel/ WhatsApp +962 7 9070 6307 / 

MAGIC BEDOUIN STAR - Owned by Raad Salem of the Hamdiyeen family, this operator has a desert camp a short way outside Wadi Rum & can fix hiking, camel & 4x4 tours around the region's deserts. Tel/ WhatsApp +962775869876 / 

RUM ORYX - Raed Saleh of the Zidaniyeen family owns this operator. It has a small, simple camp in a pretty area of Wadi Rum's deserts & is also able to fix 4x4, hiking & camel trips in the surrounding region. Tel/ WhatsApp +962772302674 / 

RUM SHINES - Khaled Mohammed of the Awdaat family owns this operator, which has its own deep desert camp & a strong emphasis on Bedouin culture, arranging hikes, camel & 4x4 journeys across Wadi Rum. Tel/ WhatsApp +962 777 540 229 /

SALAMA KUBLAN - A small operator of the Awdat family, & owner of Bedouin Future Camp. Well-connected across the region & able to organise 4x4, hiking & other kinds of tours around Wadi Rum. He does not have a website, contact through tel/ WhatsApp +9620777144912

SALEM WADI RUM DESERT- Another small, independent operator in Wadi Rum, from the Mohamidiyenn family, able to fix hiking, camel, 4x4 tours around Wadi Rum's deserts. He does not have a website, so contact through tel/ WhatsApp +9620778209732

WADI RUM DEW - Owned by Abdullah Defalleh of the Rubayin family, this operator fixes hiking, scrambling, camel & 4x4 trips around Wadi Rum & also has a desert camp in the beautiful Khor el Ajram. Tel/ WhatsApp +962777529900/ 

WADI RUM FIRE CAMP - Owned by Ibrahim Mutlaq of the Awdat family, this deep desert camp was established near Jebel Gattar over 20 years ago. It is also a tour operator, running trips across Wadi Rum. Tel/ WhatsApp +9620779936404 /

WADI RUM MAGIC NATURE CAMP - Owned by Rashid Saleh of the Zidaniyeen family, this is a desert camp has been running 7 years. Alongside the camp it is a tour operator, fixing trips across Wadi Rum. Tel/ WhatsApp +962775216510 /

WADI RUM NATURE TOURS - Radi Oudeh of the Samran family grew up in Wadi Rum, later studying tourism management before founding a desert tour company. Nearly two decades of experience in fixing trips. Tel/ WhatsApp +962 77 9318561 / 

WADI RUM STARLIGHT- Owned by brothers Suleiman & Khaled  Sabbah of the Zidaniyeen family, this is a long-established operator with its own camp, experienced in fixing trips of all kinds across Wadi Rum. Tel/ WhatsApp +962 7969 737 21 /  

WADI RUM VOYAGE/ BEDOUIN CAMPSITE & TOURS - Owned by Ahmed Auwad of the Mubarkiyeen family, this operator speaks fluent French & English. Fixes different hiking, camel, climbing & 4x4 tours across Wadi Rum. Tel/ WhatsApp +962 7 7604 4031 / See

AUTHENTIC WADI RUM CAMP - Owned by Attalah Deffaleh of the Ayiliyeen family, who has worked in tourism most of his life, this is a desert camp & operator running hiking, camel & 4x4 tours. Tel/ WhatsApp +962 7 7516 9454 / 

BEDOUIN LIFESTYLE - Owned by Atallah el Bluwi of the Balawina family, one of Wadi Rum's best-known operators, able to fix hiking, camel & 4x4 tours across Wadi Rum. Has a desert camp near Jebel Khazali.  Tel/ WhatsApp +962 77 9131 803/ 

DESERT BIRD CAMP - Owned by Tawfeiq Ali Al Zalabieh of the Hamdiyeen family, who owns a desert camp & also outfits hiking, camel, 4x4 & other trips of different length across the deserts of Wadi Rum. Tel/WhatsApp +962 777653791 / 

MOHAMMED EID - Mohammed Eid is a member of the Rubayin family & works as a small, individual operator with good connections across the region, fixing all kinds of trips around Wadi Rum. He does not have a website but can be contacted via tel/ WhatsApp +9620772048329

MOMOO TOURS - Owned by Mutlaq Eid of the Hamdiyeen family, who has been working in Wadi Rum's tourism since the age of 12. Fixing 4x4, hiking & other kinds of trips across the region. Tel/ WhatsApp +9620777949155 /

RUM 1000 NIGHTS - Owned by Salah Mutlaq of the Awdat family, this operator has a desert camp & can fix tours of different kinds around Wadi Rum. A website is said to be in the making now but until it is ready Salah can be contacted via Tel/ WhatsApp +9620779585032

SABBAH EID - A member of the Salmaniyeen family, a founder of the Wadi Rum Trail & one of the region's most respected, experienced climbing & hiking guides, active in Wadi Rum's tourism from the 1980s. Tel/ WhatsApp +962 7 7789 1243 /

SALEM SALAH - A Bedouin of the Juyaan family, Salem helped scout the eastern parts of the Wadi Rum Trail & can fix hiking & camel trips across the region today. He does not currently have a website but can be contacted via Tel/ WhatsApp at +962777425406/ 

WADI RUM DESERT FRIEND - Owned by Mohammed Ali Mutlaq of the Hamdiyeen family, this is a small operator fixing tours of different kinds around Wadi Rum. It does not have a website but one is said to be currently being made. Contact via Tel/ WhatsApp +9620777905049

WADI RUM DISCOVERY - Ayesh Ali of the Muhamdiyeen family owns this operator, which offers a wide range of tourism experiences in the deserts of Wadi Rum, including hiking, camel & 4x4 trips. Tel/ WhatsApp +962 776 924 937 / 

WADI RUM JORDAN GUIDE - Owned by Attalah Dakhilala of the Aiyidiyeen family, over 10 years of experience in tourism. French & English speaking, with a strong climbing & low-impact ecotourism focus.  Tel/ WhatsApp +962 7 7724 7899 / 

WADI RUM NABATAEAN CAMP - Abdullah Odeh of the Munaya family owns this pretty camp near the Birda rock bridge, which also works arranges different kinds of tourism experiences across Wadi Rum. Tel/ WhatsApp +962777425406/ 

WADI RUM SAFARI - Owned by Salem Defalleh of the Ayiliyeen family, this operator has a desert camp near Jebel Khazali & also runs different kinds of tourism experiences & trips across Wadi Rum. Tel/ WhatsApp +962772955721 / 

WADI RUM TOURS - Owned by Salah Musa from the Sawalhiyeen family. Highly experienced, original operator, with women-only trips & other unique offerings, able to fix hiking, camel & climbing tours all over Wadi Rum. Tel/ WhatsApp +962795445966 /

WILD WADI RUM - Owned by the Rubayeen family, whose leader Sheikh Attayiq welcomed the first foreign climbers to Rum in the 80s & whose sons have worked in tourism since. Widely respected, highly experienced operator. Tel/ WhatsApp +962 772147564 / 

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